Khadgar (ally/friendly)

Khadgar was the mentor and tutor of Bastil Delmarian and served as Shimmerfall's court wizard for many years after the retirement of Helga Selverstein who recommended Khadgar as her replacement.

Khadgar was raised by wild mages, witches and warlocks in a god forsaken and long forgotten place in the woods. Nearing his adulthood he was sent on a mission to track and recruit young magic users to the witches cause. During that mission he befriended Zer'Grimm of Nails and Delon, two very dangerous individuals. The trio was responsible for the siege of The City of Angels after raising a horrifying army composed of many races. The reason of the siege was Delon's hatred of The Convocation and his personal vendetta with his sister but that's another tale for another time. Suffice to say that Riverpass fell and with it The Convocation. Thankfully however their victory was sort lived, in fact it lasted but a few moments before the combined armies of Ebrya, Kadmir and Shimmerfall led by a young Duke Ulfric Ulmdar and General Vallerion Volanti surrounded and crashed the forces of Delon.

While Zer'Grimm was imprisoned in the impenetrable high security prisons of Vrel Athor and Delon's fate remained unclear Khadgar was forgiven by Duke Ulfric Ulmdar after betraying the witches covenant and their secrets. Helga Selverstein who clearly had the young Duke's ear convinced him to pardon Khadgar and allow him to be educated in Arcana Universalis Institute emerging decades later as one of the brightest and most gifted graduates. Khadgar assisted our Heroes many times and through various means. The Heroes placed their trust on Khadgar and revealed to him a great deal of information that would later help them battle against the forces of The Wild Hunt.